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Daily Archives: January 1, 2017

Well we rang in another new year! This year has a lot of meaning to it. For starters 10 years ago this January we had a terrible ice storm! One that left us without electricity for 14 days! Long cold days and nights!  Also 10 years ago this March I was diagnosed with breast cancer! I am happy to report I am 10 years cancer free!

Now as for the last year, it was a bad / good year. Bad for we had some rough family situations but turned out to be really good. I met my grandson in April! I actually got to cut the cord, talk about a bonding experience! Him and his mom moved back to Tennessee to work things out with his daddy. I am happy to report all is going well on that front, however, I pray for his safety everyday for he is now deployed. Being that my daughter and grandson have moved back into the house with my husband and I. New adventures around every corner of every day with a mobile 8 month old! Makes me understand the saying … have children when your young! Although I have to say I total get where people say having them later in life keeps you young! You to busy to see just how old you are getting! lol All in all I would not change one thing for I am totally enjoying every moment I get to spend with them. I know in a short time they will be going back home and I will once again have to adjust to the empty nest.

I am trying to get back into my crafting world. I have some wonderful friends that I will be introducing you to as the year goes on, but for right now this will just be about me and my mindless ramblings.


to be continued…

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