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Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

Well we are already into the new year and I have slacked off some already on my diet. I am trying very hard to get back on plan and schedule to achieve my goals. For Christmas my daughter bought me an entire year to the gym along with a personal trainer. I meet with my trainer on January 6th and did an assessment. She took some pictures of me as a start to the second part of my journey. I have meet with her 2 times so far since my assessment. I will post information of my 6 week assessment. I have a goal of 27 pounds off by the end of March. I think it is doable, if I work hard for it which I believe I can do.


So there I am at this stage. Here I have lost a total of 60 pounds from my heaviest. I piddled around for the last year and gained 20 back. I had originally lost 80 pounds! I was going to weight watchers and weighing in every week and going to planet fitness 4 to 5 days a week. I stopped. The different I have noticed the most is when I lost down to this weight I looked so much smaller, for I was toned! Going to the gym plays a big factor into your success. I am a true believer of that. You feel better and feel better about yourself as well.

I am trying to figure out a new schedule to get the gym worked into my schedule as of late and I admit it is hard but doable. I just have to decide what is more important and  make it a priority. So no more sleeping in, time to get my lazy ass out of bed and hit the gym! I was doing it before so I can do it again.


Here is a picture of me at the
very beginning back in April 2015.





As for my weight watchers I quit the meetings not because they weren’t working but for the cost. I am doing this on my own with the help of the app itracker. It works a lot just like the weight watchers but only cost like 7$ for everything.



to be continued…

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