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When you get to be the size I grew to be you lose out of a lot of things in your life. You lose time you could have spent with your family. Valuable time! One never plans on getting to that size (or larger) it just seems to creep up on you like a cat. They are sneaky things… you can be sitting there and then the next thing you know they are on your lap and your like, when did you get there! Ok, back to the subject matter at hand.

Most of my adult life I have spent in the plus size department. I was never a tiny thing in high school but I wasn’t what I thought fat. Heavy, chunky yes, but in my eyes never fat. Thats the key wording there. In my eyes. When you are larger and look in the mirror you mind tells you that your “not heavy, not fat”. You see yourself as the larger but yet smallish person. You look at others and judge yourself and tell yourself, Oh I am not that big, when in all reality you are larger.

When I got married I wasn’t to heavy. I could still shop in the “normal” size department, size 16, but hey! I managed to stay that size until I became pregnant with our first daughter. Oh being pregnant your eating for two! or so the saying goes. Well I took that literally. I gained 97 pounds during that pregnancy. Why my doctor didn’t get on to me about it remains a mystery to me.

Over the years I did the yo-yo dieting scene. I would gain, lose, gain, and lose. I have learned over the years that by doing that I was actually hurting my body more than helping. SO when your thinking about going on a “change of life adventure” (I despise the word diet) make sure you are wanting to do it as a life time change, not just for an event!

to be continued….

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